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Left-turn signal coming to Bellona and Stevenson

Planned left-turn signal from Bellona onto Stevenson

Drivers who have been frustrated by trying to turn left onto Stevenson Lane from southbound Bellona Avenue may be happy to hear that a left-turn signal will be installed soon.

“An analysis was prompted by several citizens’ complaints mid to late last year. The analysis was based on traffic volumes during certain, predetermined hour or two-hour periods, using a federally established formula,” said Lauren Watley, a communications specialist for the county.

“When the calculations were complete, it was clear that the southbound lane qualified by volume, but not the northbound,” she said.

Mark Lubin, president of the Armagh Village Community Association, said the new signal is “good news” because making a left onto Stevenson will be safer; defined lanes will add more structure; and “leaving Armagh Village during peak hours is very difficult because of long waits and backups on Bellona due to drivers not being able to make a left turn on Stevenson in a reasonable amount of time.” Armagh Village is directly northwest of the intersection.

Parking along the west side of Bellona will be eliminated,Watley said, from Stevenson to Haddon Avenue. The signal should be installed by the end of August.


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Towson Flyer
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