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Wait, what is that on the end of her leash?

Every once in a while you spot something that makes you curious enough to jump out of your car and Ask For Details.

Such was the case the other day when I drove by Kellie Podsednik as she was walking down the street in Rodgers Forge with a blur of a something-not-a-dog on the end of a leash.

Podsednik was game to talk about her pet: A little rat named Piper.

The grad student — she’s working on her MS in professional writing — was in a pet-supply store when she spotted Piper and something clicked. Podsednik had owned pet rats in the past and knew they were smart and playful.

Piper was “super skittish” at first, but has now warmed up to her new owner.

“She’s just fun,” Podsednik said.

And the leash? Is that something she fashioned herself from a length of cord? Her response, frankly, provided more questions than answers.

“No, I bought this at the store,” she said. “It’s an iguana harness.”

–Kris Henry

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