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Senior discounts at Towson-area grocers

So, this was fun. I was shopping at the Giant at York and Gittings yesterday, and as the cashier was ringing me up, she asked if I was 55 years or older.

After I posted about this encounter on Facebook, some of my friends who are 55 and older (and who, by the way, are in way better shape than I am) said, “Wait, I get a discount?!”

So I called back today for info and was told that on Tuesdays, Giant offers a 5 percent discount for people 55 and over. You don’t need an AARP card or anything like that, they said, you just have to be 55 or over.

[Update: A spokesman for Giant’s parent company said the discount is supposed to be for people 60 and up at all stores.]

I also called the Giant in Timonium and they said they offer the Tuesday discount for people 60 and over.

I then called a bunch of other stores to see if they offer a “senior” discount:

ShopRite in Timonium: 5% off for people 62 and over on Tuesdays

Safeway in Towson: no

Weis in Towson: no

Fresh Market* in Towson: no

Eddies* on North Charles: no

Graul’s* in Ruxton: no answer when I called several times; same goes for Mays Chapel location

Trader Joe’s in Towson: no

MOM’s Organic Market in Timonium: no

So, Giant shoppers of a certain age: go forth and enjoy your discount.

* If you’re shopping here, you probably aren’t worried about a discount.


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Karl Pfrommer

This discount doesn’t encourage me to Shop at Giant or Wells’ Liquors. I’m old enough that they don’t even ask. However, I’m always pleased when I see the discount on my receipt.