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Syrian refugee family embraced in Towson; but new administration adds uncertainty

Here’s a piece from The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Rodricks about a Syrian refugee family in Rodgers Forge.

Ten days ago, before President Donald J. Trump signed the draconian executive order that imposed an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, the story of Abdullah and Maha Almuhammad would not have the edge it does now. Ten days ago, I might not have heard, as I did Thursday night, their somber expressions of worry and fear: Maha, concerned about wearing a hijab, in accordance with her Muslim faith, beyond her neighborhood; Abdullah again feeling the uncertainty he knew for months in the refugee camp in Jordan; both of them wondering whether they should move their family to Canada. Read the full piece here.

Also, a friend of mine set up a fund for the family, if anyone is interested in contributing:

Dear friends and family, there is a lovely refugee family from Syria living in my neighborhood, just a few doors down.  They are a family of seven – mom, dad and five beautiful children, 4 girls and 1 boy, ages 3-10. They are my neighbors and they are in need of assistance! Imagine – they left their home, their country, their friends and family, their jobs, they left everything and they are here with nothing!  It breaks my heart to think what they have experienced. While they deal with the shock of coming to a new country and starting a new life, they need all the love and financial support they can get.  There are already several wonderful people in my neighborhood working hard on assisting the family with different things and some of us are brainstorming job ideas for the father (who is a tailor by profession).  But in the meantime, a fundraiser could help them tremendously in this first year, until they get on their feet.  Please consider donating and please share this on your Facebook page as well so that we can get as many people involved as possible. If we all unite we could really help this family in this crucial time of their life. Thank you!

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