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Towson residents to hold “emergency” meeting Wednesday about development

101 York Road rendering

Towson residents who are wary of zoning changes that would allow large-scale development in the Towson Triangle — the area near the American Legion just off York Road — are holding a meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 17, at First Lutheran Church to discuss how to fight the proposal.

In an email, the president of the Towson Manor Village Community Association, Joe La Bella, told fellow Towson residents:

The Baltimore County Council will be voting on their final decisions regarding CZMP zoning requests on August 30. Among these issues, [the Towson Manor Village Community Association] has adamantly opposed any upzoning requests within the Towson Triangle to BM-CT – which would expand the downtown core of Towson into the Triangle.

Over the past couple months, Councilman Marks has refused to provide a position or substantial feedback regarding whether he will grant the upzoning proposals within the Triangle from DMS Developers (101 York Rd) and the American Legion. … If DMS is granted BM-CT zoning through the CZMP, our fight to prevent 101 York Rd will be severely set-back, if not finally defeated.
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Towson Flyer
Towson Flyer
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Sam C

I like the new addition to the Towson Triangle; boarded up storefronts on the abandoned and decaying former Pizans and York Liquors.

A big shout out to those ardent warriors who are “saving” Towson Triangle through fear mongering and xenophobia. You’ve created a real community asset! Progress was to begin in April 2015. The phonies so attached to the space have sat back and watched it rot away. You would think based on their relentless cries of community damage that they would at least do something to reduce the war-zone look they created. I guess these warriors love blight and abandonment. A pile of rocks, chain-link fencing and boarded-up buildings is better than a viable living and retail environment? The hyperbole in the panic-inducing Emergency Meeting announcement reads like something from the Onion. Unfortunately for us homeowners and taxpayer, it’s not the Onion, this is the type of pathetic nonsense that actually influences decisions in this town.

Thanks to all involved for a giant embarrassment and waste of prime real estate. Keep up the fear mongering and obstruction. Soon our property taxes will drop when our homes are worth nothing due to increasing blight!

What a legacy……