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Free parking, for 15 minutes, at Towson library

library parking garage

A few people have asked about the grace period for parking at the Towson library. Here is the answer.

“The grace period is 15 minutes for anyone coming into our garage; meaning as long as you are in and out within 15 minutes, you won’t get charged,” said Chris Sirolli, parking division manager of the Baltimore County Revenue Authority. “This applies to everyone; not just library patrons.  You just feed the ticket into the exit column when leaving and if the time reflects 15 minutes or less, the gate will go up and you’re on your merry way.”

That means you don’t need to get the ticket validated inside the library to get the free 15 minutes. It’s still not the most convenient thing in the world if you’re trying to return books and you have, say, a sleeping baby in the car. But at least you can, for free, zip into the garage, return your books (if the library is open, of course) and zip out again at no charge.

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