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more on traffic calming in Rodgers Forge

Here’s a story in the Towson Times that addresses the meeting last week at Rodgers Forge Elementary, which was recapped here. Also, the story below mentions that the islands can be landscaped or just concrete. My neighbor tells me that at the meeting people voted in favor of no landscaping because the community would be in charge of maintenance.

The traffic islands that address pedestrian safety are a first step in tackling the overall traffic problem, he said.

Speed humps are an option “that is still on the table,” but they require a more complex approval process involving minimum counts of speeding traffic and consensus of 75 percent of the community.

Pedestrian safety devices such as the traffic islands don’t have to meet that threshold, he said. — more

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drove down Dumbarton and Stevenson at lunch – layout for construction is underway


Check out this diagonal diverter approach that’s in use in Oregon –


IMO…Speed Humps are the most cost effective long term solution. Slow down or pay out of pocket to auto repair shop.


IMO… let the police do something, “a nice first step” would be random enforcement during the day and at night – – then, months later / after measuring the affect – – send your county planners to to talk about me about calming.


The problem is the lack of enforcement. This was evident by comments at the meeting. Are the police so overwhelmed that they cannot park on Stevenson or Dumbarton for an hour a day and write out the 20 or 30 tickets they will be entitled to? Calming devices are a nice first step but let the cops do something!