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$600K for this? Are you kidding me?

UPDATE 7/7/08: Now it’s down to $549,000. Hey, that’s a bargain at half the price! I see that Sardelli Realty owns 6110, 6112 and 6114 Bellona. The only one with a price is 6110, for which they paid $495,000 in 2006. I’m guessing that’s because it was a house on a large lot that they tore down and subdivided.

I drive by this house at 6114 Bellona almost every day and have been curious about it. The house appears to embody all that is crap about new-construction homes: the garage is the main focal point, there’s no landscaping, no imagination, etc.

I looked today and they’re asking $599,000. (Update: Now it’s down to $579,000.) Here’s the best part. The Realtor’s description of the house begins with, “Suburban living at a city address.” Yeah, that’s just what I always wanted. An ugly house with a small yard on a busy street in a city whose taxes are double those of what I’d be paying six blocks away. Isn’t one of the main points of being in the city the fact that you usually get a house that has more charm and character?


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Well, you’ve all heard of a “house with an attached garage”, so this one is a “garage with an attached house”. Hideous, isn’t it? My prediction for that one: it will be rented out to someone who can’t afford to buy, when the “Loser” (great description by the way!) gets tired of making the payments on it. Then in a few years it will go at a rock bottom price. Glad everyone else feels the same way about this “suburban nightmare”…. –JoAnn M.


For tips on what to look for in a house – try: Traditional Construction Patterns: Design and Detail Rules-of-Thumb Paperback – by Stephen Mouzon, Susan Henderson – isbn 978-0071416320.


I too drive by this pathetic house on a daily basis. Today the sign read, “price reduced”. Can they reduce it low enough?


This is an ugly house and it’s really out of character. Sounds like someone got greedy. What a shame for the neighborhood. And it is indeed way overpriced. We’ll probably see DOM (days on market) climbing up and up…before it ends up selling for a fraction of its original price.


Kris, if you go by here every day – you know you left out the big details and history on this.
Simple loser idea this one, on a shoestring budget.. there was an old victorian being used as apartments in this location.. it had a large lot… bingo! Loser decides to bulldoze the old house, subdivide the lot and put two lame new homes onto it, then presumably sell them for more than the price for the original house and property
Duh!.. didn’t hire someone to create new desirable homes, didn’t anticipate the housing slowdown, and in my opinion – didn’t consider the fact that the property is in Baltimore City, where property values are high and someone with a family wouldn’t move if they could go a few more blocks and have put their kids into county schools.
Uuuh! looks like a tract house marketed to retirees from somewhere in Texas or Florida.
If you want to see the same kind of garage-centric home… take a spin up to Charlesbrooke and see row after row of prominant garage door with driveway as your front yard! and (hello!) it’s a nice neigborhood because of the green spaces – – but it has almost NO sidewalks, so everyone walks in the street and they have to have speed-bumps so folks don’t get creamed by traffic.


I’m w/ you. Wonder how will it appraise for that value? I know 2 people whose homes did not appraise for the sale price; both times the realtor offered to bring in “their own” appraiser…that just isn’t right!