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Loyola Blakefield closes after racist graffiti found

Loyola Blakefield, the Catholic boys’ school on North Charles Street, closed for the day Thursday after racist graffiti was found at the school for the second time this month.

“We are heartbroken and outraged by this attack on the respect and dignity of members of our community, especially our African American members who were targeted by this hateful message,” Anthony Day, head of the school, said in a statement. “We will discover who did this, and they will no longer be a part of our community.”

School administrators reported Wednesday afternoon that a potentially threatening racist remark was scratched onto one of the bathroom stalls in Burk Hall, Baltimore County Police said. The remark suggested that no one of color (using the n-word) should attend school on Thursday. School administrators added that this was not the first incident of derogatory graffiti found this school year, but investigation regarding any prior incidents has been handled by the school administration. The school principal, John Marinacci, told police that yesterday’s incident was escalated in nature and the executive staff decided it necessary to report the incident and close the school for the safety of all students.

Officers will continue to work with the school administration on the investigation into this incident and any prior incidents, police said, as well as working with the school to develop a plan of action regarding safety precautions as they move forward, including an increased police presence at and around the school.


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So send the kids home. Great message: if we write something racist we get the day off.