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Conservative news site digs deep on Kamenetz, Caves Valley

The Baltimore Post, a self-described “conservative news publication,” has been on a tear recently when it comes to looking into the administration of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, the developer Caves Valley and its controversial Royal Farms project in Towson, as well as related stories.

The articles have been penned by the site’s investigative reporter, Ann Costantino. While the site does have a conservative outlook, and that should be kept in mind, these are interesting looks into what’s happening in the county:

“Unknown Caves Valley Contract Extension Exposed”
In the middle of a heated battle over a Towson development project, county administrator, Fred Homan, and Caves Valley Partners’,  Arthur Adler, once again consummated their public-private partnership – without anyone knowing it.

Amending the contract of sale on an 800 York Road property, the pair agreed to extend the closing date to December 31, 2023, amounting to one decade after the county council voted to approve the developer’s $8.3 million bid for the controversial Towson Gateway development project in December of 2013. (Read the full story here.)

“Homan Spends County Cash on Developer, Caves Valley”

In an apparent effort to make a controversial Towson development project work, the Kamenetz Administration has bent over backwards to benefit a politically connected developer known for its hefty campaign contributions.

In what the county described as an effort to “accelerate the settlement,” of development project, “Towson Gateway,” it spent at a minimum $80,000 in public money during a two-day period this year by cutting trees and razing buildings to help prepare the site for developer, Caves Valley Partners (CVP). (Read the full story here.)

“State Investigating Caves Valley Campaign Contributions”

For the first time since the passage of a 2012 law prohibiting campaign contributions by those with casino ties, the State Board of Elections said Monday it has referred a case to Maryland’s State Prosecutor.

State Board of Elections Director, Jared DeMaranis, sent a letter to the prosecutor’s office saying that “a complaint” involving  Caves Valley Partners, a prominent Baltimore County development company, warranted “an investigation and possible enforcement action.” (Read the full story here.)

“How Caves Valley Golf Club Dodged a Tax Bite”
Steven B. Fader does not seem like the type of guy who needs a tax break.

The founding partner of developer Caves Valley Partners, and CEO of Mile One and Atlantic Automotive Corporation, lives in a $2.1 million mansion overlooking an invitation-only Owings Mills golf club. (Read the full story here.)

Developer’s Trail of Campaign Donations Lead Through ‘Towson Gateway’”
Boasting of grand plans for downtown Towson, in 2013 County Executive Kevin Kamenetz unveiled his “It’s Towson’s Time” campaign.

“New homes, new stores, new restaurants, new offices.  ‘Live where you work, shop and play’ is more than a slogan in downtown Towson,” a Baltimore County promotional video crowed. (Read the full story here.)

“Elusive Towson Gateway Records Key to Legal Dilemma (Video)”
The Kamenetz Administration is facing a legal dilemma because of its decision to chop down trees in the middle of a heated battle over a Towson development project.

When the county made a decision to remove 30 trees at the corner of Bosley Avenue and York Road this past April, it thwarted the will of the County Council. But it also simultaneously either circumvented forest conservation laws or directly defied a state law that protected the trees. (Read the full story and see the video here.)

To see more stories by Ann Costantino, click here.

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Towson resident

These are great pieces of investigative journalism. Thank you for compiling them all in one place. Highly relevant to our community and the way Baltimore County works. A unifying theme is that the pieces all look into questionable or unethical behavior.

Ann Costantino’s bio notes she is politically independent.

A reader

The news site tends to be conservative, but Ann Costantino is fiercely independent, and her work is solid. Anything here can be confirmed or otherwise explored by other press as well. The more the better. Competition is good. And any political party and players that have been in power for a long time bear scrutiny. Especially on these projects. There is plenty there that is concerning, especially who ordered the destruction of those teees, which violated council resolution, policy and laws. Thanks for listing these stories. And kudos to Ms. Costantino’s investigative skills and her intrepid digging. Would love to see the Sun and other regional media look closely at the establishment as well.