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Pinehurst Wine Shoppe planning to add a restaurant

The owner of Pinehurst Wine Shoppe says he plans to build an addition on his property and add a restaurant to the store, which is located at the corner of Bellona and Gittings avenues.

“It’s going to be a very fine restaurant for the neighborhood — something along the lines of Johnny’s or Petit Louis,” said owner Bob Schindler, referring to two Roland Park restaurants. “It won’t be shabby, it will be very nice. But a family place.”

He said the area was recently rezoned, which now makes the restaurant possible. He still needs to apply to the city for a liquor license.

But not everyone in the area is on board with the plan.

Patrick Rossello, president of the Bellona-Gittings Community Association, said he personally is remaining neutral for now. But he’s heard from upset residents who are worried about the additional cars parking on the street, the potential for attracting rats, and concerns about noise.

“There are a lot of people who are strongly against it, and a bunch of people strongly in favor of it,” he said. 

Schindler said the shop, which already sells some food items, has never had a problem with rats, and he “wouldn’t put up with rats — I don’t want that, either.”

He said he’ll work to come to an agreement with the community — and is even willing to sign a binding agreement — about hours of operation and other issues. For instance, right now patio seating is planned for the front of the restaurant. But, Schindler said, if there is strong opposition, he’ll scrap the patio idea

He plans a 75-seat restaurant with another 25 or so seats in a mezzanine overlooking the restaurant. There will also be a small bar area with about 10 seats. The store will remain as is.

Charlesmead Pharmacy next door will not be affected.

The entire menu hasn’t been worked out yet, he said, but he’s planning on having hamburgers made with Roseda beef; “the best crab cakes you’ve ever tasted;” and “my wife’s spaghetti and meatballs, which are delicious.”

He said he has investors lined up already, including someone who has a financial interest in the Foreman & Wolf restaurant company. He is also urging supporters of the restaurant to add their names to a sign-up sheet at the wine shop.

There will be a community-input meeting at 7PM on Nov. 13 at the Church of the Redeemer where residents can share their opinions and ask questions. Councilman Bill Henry is expected to attend. Schindler said he’ll have representatives there, but he already had plans to be out of state that day.

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I normally don’t comment on anything, but this has been my home for 51 years and it has been quiet and safe. Everyone who thinks this is good idea does not realize you are opening up for more commercial to spread, therefore, inviting crime and lower property values. Ask the people surrounding this fiasco. I have been there and done that having moved from York Road in Timonium–it used to be a beautiful serene place to live. There will also be a bigger traffic problem. If he thinks there won’t be rats, he’s fooling himself. Just ask the people who live closer to York Road. A restaurant can never eliminate the completely. You shouldn’t forget the odors either. Even though it may be good food, do you really want to constantly smell them? I don’t think so. This is not what I signed up for–this has always been a quiet neighborhood–it won’t be if you all allow this to happen. I will definitely fight it and also boycott his store, which I hope many will do.


Do you realize you’re less than a mile in most cases from th city line? Why are you acting like you’re living in rural Ohio 😂


Exactly! This would be such a nice place for the community, great food and wine brings people together.. unsure why a few neighbors are waging war against this small business. One neighbor even took the time to set up a full website against it! 👩‍🔧 the vast majority of neighbors and residents are FOR this restaurant.


I live in the community and am against it for the reasons cited by Zoey. Not sure how you know about the feelings of other neighbors unless you’ve taken a poll?

Amanda E

Excited to have a dinner option within walking distance – plus the option to (finally) buy wine on Saturday! The design plans look like a great improvement on the existing side and rear elevations which could help housing prices. A paved parking lot will also cut down on loose gravel and stones being tossed in the street. As for concerns about the hours, I think 10pm and 11pm are very reasonable, matching with Petite Louis in Roland Park. I can only hope they add Saturday/Sunday brunch options so that we no longer need to drive down to Hampden.
Only wish more notice had been given of the meeting so that we could have been there to show our support in person.


This appears to be a misleading attempt at opening a bar above an existing liquor store. Any promises made now will soon be forgotten once they get approval. Most bars stay open till 2am and by connecting it to an existing liquor store they will be able to stay open on Sunday.

Mike Bowers

Nope, not getting in behind this. This is an asinine proposal that is not fair to the house owners ajoining the property. Heck, they can’t even maintain the building and parking lot they’ve had since they opened. This is going to create parking nightmares. And I don’t even live near the place.


This would be amazing for the neighborhood! We need more great options to walk to..


Would this allow the beer/wine store to be open on Sundays, since it will be connected to a restaurant?

Gaywood neighbor

Sounds good to me. The neighborhood needs a walkable place to eat.

Del Schmidt

This is fantastic news. These guys run a first class community establishment and I have no doubts that this plan will only benefit the neighborhood. After a string of corporate mega chain additions along the York Rd corridor it’s nice to finally see local business making moves in the area. Residents of Pinehurst, Bellona Gittings, Cedarcroft and Rodgers Forge have been clamoring for a new pub/restaurant space for years. It’s finally here!

Betsy Wendell

Wonderful news for our neighborhood. Small business people supporting our neighborhood is a welcome change in this world of big box retail and fast food. I suspect the wine pairing with will be off the chain?


Is the Pharmacy next door going to stay? Can’t imagine where the restaurant would go. Take up the back parking lot?

RF Neighbor

It says in the article the pharmacy would not be affected!