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The Charmery ice cream shop is expanding to Towson

The Charmery in Hampden

The popular Hampden ice cream shop The Charmery owned by husband-and-wife team David and Laura Alima is opening a second location in Towson.

It will take over the long-vacant Mini Mart space at 6807 York Road in the Stoneleigh and Anneslie neighborhood.

The Alimas live in the Govans/Homeland area and say they have been fans of this stretch of York Road for a long time. 

“We know what a really strong and wonderful neighborhood it is, and that’s the beautiful thing about ice cream — it’s a magnificent unifier of neighborhoods,” David said in an interview.

Laura said the couple gets a lot of requests to consider various locations for expansions. And when they saw the York Road space, they had a “Hmmm” moment.

“I think collectively we both agreed that it felt like the right next step for us,” she said. “And the more we delved into the construction process and what the location will be, the more excited we’ve both become.”

Laura and David Alima, co-owners of The Charmery

They said the Towson spot will have more seating than the Hampden store, and it might have outdoor seating, as well. They’ll also have a freezer for pints, so people can grab ice cream to bring home. They are not sure yet how many employees they will hire, but it will probably be similar to the number at the Hampden store. That ranges from about 30 to 50 full-time and part-time workers, depending on the season.

The new location is less than one block from Uncle Wiggly’s Deli & Ice Cream. Longtime owners Lee Smith and Cathy Nagle sold Uncle Wiggly’s to Abby Le in 2015. Its Facebook page has been embroiled in controversy for the past month and appears to be controlled by a former employee. Le was not immediately available for comment about the new neighbor.

Rita’s Italian Ice is also located three blocks north on York Road and Stevenson Lane.

All ice cream at The Charmery is homemade in-house. But next year, production will move to the Union Collective in Hampden. The Collective, anchored by Union Craft Brewing, is a space for local producers to expand their production.

David, who is the actual ice-cream maker in the pair, said he can’t name a favorite flavor because they’re all his “little babies.” Laura said her go-to is Mint Mountain (their version of mint chocolate chip) but that David also sometimes makes a pignoli ice cream that she loves.

The Charmery is known for its fun and unique flavors, some of which have included Do or Do Nut … There is no Chai; Old Bay Caramel; Berger Cookies & Cream; and Mango Lime Hot Sauce. So does Towson have its own unique flavor?

“Absolutely,” said David. “I haven’t put in ice cream form yet. These things often strike me in the middle of night.”

The shop is expected to open in the spring or early summer of 2018.

-Kris Henry,
The Towson Flyer

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Holy crap! They better carry moosetrax or I’ll give it a miss.

julieanna mietus

This will be a great location for those who live within walking distance, but far less ideal for those of us who will need to drive and find a parking spot!

Larry Fogelson

In reference to your recent article on diet and weight loss, this new shop will help with dieting how?

Stuart Ray

Perhaps you’re thinking that there’s only one kind of “diet”? There are low-calorie, high-calorie, low-fat, high fat… many kinds of diet. The fact that “dieting” generally refers to low-calorie diet does not mean that “diet” has lost it’s broader meaning.

Lisa Miller

So… private businesses that sell anything less than diet food should stop operating? Think of the people without will power. Personal responsibility is great for *other* people, right? lol