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Goats getting to work at Towson University

Towson University will be implementing an increasingly popular way to deal with overgrown green space: goats.

The university will be “hosting” a herd of goats from Monday to Thursday.

“The goats are arriving and will ‘parade’ into the Glen close to the Towers around 9 permitting on Monday, September 18. The goats will be fenced into an area in the Glen to facilitate vegetation removal,” TU said in a statement. “They will remain in this area during the day and will be removed in the evening. We expect the goats to continue their work each day throughout the week unless it rains.”
And who couldn’t use a cute goat video to brighten their day?

Towson Flyer
Towson Flyer
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Ron Vibbentrop

Yes, the goats were back. This group was a bit more spacey then the ones that were here two years ago. I was talking to one of the goats during his break and he said he likes Porcelain berry but it can cause hallucinations and nervousness. He said the other day he thought he was a gray squirrel and tried to leap between two trees. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened.

I asked about the goat I talked with last time they were here and this goat, named Miles, informed me that previous goat, named Phil, had not met his work quota repeatedly and was let go. He was pursuing an opportunity at a local Indian restaurant. It sounded rather dubious to me and I hope it works out for him and that he doesn’t wind up on the lunch buffet.

I heard the goats, no pun intended, plan to organize in 2017. When I asked Miles about this rumor he hastily filled his mouth with some English Ivy and said “na-a-a-ah”

Poor Richard

This is a stinging example of forced labor. Are these workers being paid fairly? Are they getting enough breaks? What about hours limits?