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Get paid to try McCormick’s new flavors


Whether you’ve head of McCormick Consumer Testing or not, it’s something definitely worth considering if you want to join consumers in the Baltimore Metro area that provide us with their opinions that drive the development process of new products!

So, what should you expect when you register with McCormick Consumer Testing?

When we’re recruiting for a study, you will receive an email from us providing you with information such as the type of test (Taste Test or Focus Group) along with the date and amount of compensation for the study.  You would then click on the link provided in the email to take a brief survey to see if you qualify for that opportunity.  You may not qualify for every opportunity, but that’s OK!  Recruitment criteria is different for every test we conduct. 

If you qualify for a Taste Test, our system would provide you with the available session times and you could select the session that best suits you.  What if none of the sessions suit you on that day?  Not a problem! Just select “I cannot attend any of the times shown” and that will no way affect your eligibility for future studies! 

If the survey is for a Focus Group, a staff member would review your responses and follow up with you via phone to ask you a few additional questions.  If you qualify, the staff member would offer you the available session times and you would select the session that best suits.  Again, if the session doesn’t suit you on that day – not a problem!  We will still contact you for future studies!

OK – so you’ve completed the survey, you qualify for the Taste Test and you’ve selected a session to attend.  What’s next? 

You would receive an email from our system confirming your scheduled session date and time.  On testing day, you would arrive at our facility, check in and join other consumers in the Testing Room to taste the product and give us your opinion by completing a computerized ballot.  Once you’ve completed the ballot, you will exit the Testing Room and proceed down the hallway to receive your check in the amount of $30 – $50 (which is for DEPOSIT ONLY).  Your participation would be marked in our system and then it will be 90 days before you’re eligible to take surveys for other opportunities.

If you’re scheduled for a Focus Group, you would also receive an email confirming your scheduled Focus Group date and time.  When you arrive on the day and check in, you will be taken to the Focus Group room where you will sit around a table with seven to nine other consumers like yourself and participate in a 1 to 2-hour discussion led by a Moderator pertaining to a specific topic. 

At the end of the Focus Group, you would receive your “for deposit only” check usually $50 – $75 (depending on the length of the Focus Group). Again, your participation would be marked in our system and then it will be 90 days before you’re eligible to take survey for other opportunities.

So how easy is that? And what are you waiting for? Not only are you paid for eating food and giving us your opinion, but you could be the first in your circle of friends to taste a product that is not yet on the market!


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