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Council rejects bill allowing increased use of speed-display signs

A bill that would have allowed speed-display signs on heavily traveled roads in Baltimore County was voted down tonight along party lines.

Councilman David Marks, whose district includes most of Towson, wanted to use some funds from the revenue generated by speed-camera tickets and use it to purchase two speed-display signs per council district. He said he was thinking of Stevenson Lane and Regester Avenue, in particular, when crafting the legislation.

Marks said Kevin Kamenetz’ office told him the signs would cost $20,000 each — less than 4 percent of the speed-camera funds, Marks said. Marks added that further investigation found signs that cost just $2,600 each.

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins said she was not convinced the signs are effective, and she worried that the signs would take money away from the fund to buy body cameras for police officers, though officials at the meeting said the signs would not affect the body-camera purchases.

The bill was rejected along party lines, with Marks, Wade Kach and Todd Crandell — the three Republicans on the council — voting in favor of it, and Bevins, Vicki Almond, Tom Quirk and Julian Jones voting against it.


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9 Comments on "Council rejects bill allowing increased use of speed-display signs"

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Sam C

Speed signs help some, but I would much rather see this money put towards additional police set up to monitor and cite offenders. I’d also rather the money go towards speed cameras. Why just show people that they are speeding without a consequence?

If we really want to make Towson more walkable, we need to make our sidewalks safe. Too many of our neighbors, mostly adults and homeowners, are terribly selfish, entitled, and wreckless behind the wheel. I walk about 6-8 miles across
Towson each day. It’s definitely not a pedestrian-friendly place.

Karl Pfrommer

I agree Towson is not pedestrian friendly and needs to improve pedestrian safety and ease of walking. However, data indicates cameras have not improved traffic safety. They are only a method to generate more money which is not taxes.

Sam C

I have no problem with the county generating revenue from those who break the law. Better than increasing property taxes or simply letting this behavior persist.

Additional policing would be nice to address the driving culture.


My point was that these speed alert signs are more effective than speed and redlight cameras. Weather you choose to have our government practice effective measures or only profitable endeavors is your choice. It doesn’t have to be either or.


Disgusting! Does no one care about our children’s safety?


That’s why we need MORE Republicans—-AND, a re-districting amendment to reflect this!!


Please slow down and drive carefully. I see people speeding, tailgating, texting, and rolling through stop signs all the time. And please use your turn signals, people!
Please drive safely.


Might the council pass legislation to allow community organizations to purchase these signs and use them according to county guidelines with BCPD approval?

$2,600 per sign would be a very attractive way to reduce traffic speed. We put up other signs asking people to drive like your children live here. Why not allow residents to pay for electric signs?

If it’s really about cost, there should be unanimous consent.


This is a terrific idea! I would gladly chip in for one on Stevenson Lane! I cannot believe that the council voted this down…and what on earth does this have to do with party lines??? Safety is safety!!! I’ll bet Councilwoman Bevins doesn’t live on Stevenson Lane. Looking forward to the next local election….