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Speed-sign legislation to be discussed Tuesday

Legislation that would allow electronic speed-display signs on busy roads will be discussed in a Baltimore County Council work session on Tuesday.

Bill 41-17, introduced by Councilman David Marks, allows for two speed warning displays per County Council district every year, to be funded from revenue from the county’s speed camera program.  The displays would flash the speed of traffic to motorists. Because the signs are solar-powered, Marks said, there would be minimal maintenance costs.

The signs only tell motorists the speed they are traveling; they do not issue tickets.

“Signs like these are located in many other jurisdictions, including Baltimore City, but the present administration has not authorized them to be erected in Baltimore County,” Marks said in a statement. “Routes such as Regester Avenue and Stevenson Lane would be ideal candidates for this program.”

County regulations do not allow speed bumps on heavily traveled roads.

A spokeswoman for County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said the administration does not yet have a position on the legislation.

“Our Police Department and Bureau of Traffic Engineering are currently reviewing the bill for its operational and fiscal impacts in light of the fact that these devices are already deployed on County roads,” she said.

This legislation will be discussed at the work session on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 2 p.m. in the County Council chambers.  The public is welcome to testify.

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Sandra Kendall

There are many mornings that I have to wait a long period of time before I can get out of my drive way, when I try to back into my drive way people are so rude, and hateful. I live here and the nerve of these people that use our street as a cut through. Someone will have a serious accident soon if they don’t slow down. I have talked with David Marks, and I commend him for trying to help our residence on Stevenson Lane.

C Levering

We definitely need this on Stevenson Lane in Wiltondale – cars fly up the hill at speeds way over the 25 mph limit all the time and there have been numerous accidents, including a child and several dogs being hit!