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BCPS makes (yet another) change to school calendar

Updated June 8: BCPS now says that all schools will close three hours early on Monday, June 12. Previously high schoolers had a full day of classes.

BCPS says: In May, the Board of Education of Baltimore County adjusted the calendar for the last days of the 2016 – 2017 school year. All schools will now close three hours early on the last day, Tuesday, June 13. [Previously, high schools were slated to have a full day on June 13.]

The full schedule for the final days of school will be as follows:

  • Friday, June 9 – All schools will provide a full day of classes. It will be the last day of classes for Preschool-3 and PreKindergarten students.
  • Monday, June 12 – Elementary and middle schools will close three hours early for students. High schools will provide a full day of classes.
  • Tuesday, June 13 – Final day of classes for all students. All schools will close three hours early for students.

For the 2017 – 2018 school year, the first day of classes for students will be Tuesday, September 5. Students entering Grades 6 and 9 are encouraged to attend a special orientation, Early Entry Day, on Wednesday, August 30. They will receive more information about this event from their schools.

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Caught by surprise
And this is not the only confusion with attendance. My 8th grader went to school the past two full days, yet —contrary to the Dumbarton Middle School newsletter—there was no instruction nor anything even to do in some of her courses. Apparently, there is a “tradition” I learned about at the last minute in which 8th graders do not go after the “Farewell Assembly,” which this year happened to be super early on June 7 because of venue scheduling issues. The assembly was quite nice, and I’m okay with tradition, but a lot of this makes little sense. The teachers were even telling the students to stay home the last FOUR days of school (the final two being half days), and yet the newsletter quotes principal Sue Harris: “On our announcements we are reminding students that all rules are still in effect for the remaining days. This includes maintaining their responsibilities to study, complete homework, turn in all assignments and attend school until the last bell sounds on June 13, 2017.” What? And this in a school without AC that lost more than a week of instruction last September? The way this has been handled is a little upsetting. The school year is set by the county. My child will likely skip the last two half days, one to attend a sibling’s school event, but the extra-early scheduling of a farewell assembly should not leave parents in this scenario: Where they have to choose between leaving their children alone if… Read more »

This is incredibly stupid. Don’t these people know that some of us work full-time jobs? And if you’re going to have school on, maybe teach something? My son is watching movies at school these last days of the year….