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Shares of meat and egg CSA available now

Meat, eggs and chicken from Evermore Farm in Westminster

Here’s a guest post from my friend Dora Jacobs of Rodgers Forge:

Like many others in the area, my family has been getting meat and eggs delivered to the neighborhood directly from a local farm, and now is the time to renew or sign up if you want in on the 4-month subscription period of April to July. (Those are prime grilling months, so the time to join is now if you want local, sustainably raised, grass-fed steaks all summer!)

We are loving our meat and eggs! The farmer delivers a variety of cuts of pork, lamb and beef, eggs and whole chickens. 

Are you a locavore or farm-to-table eater? Well here is an excellent way to use your family’s food dollars to make a difference locally, support a small, local business, and ensure you know the provenance of your food! Because Ginger, the farmer, hires small, family butchers and processors, there is a ripple effect taking place that provides many skilled people with employment.

I love knowing there is a sustainable business model here that allows me to support a family farm nearby, to know where the kids’ food is grown and how it is raised, and generally to feel like we are keeping more of our money in the local economy. Plus, it’s very, very tasty and I have learned to be a better cook to make the most of our investment.

The meat arrives on the first Saturday of each month at my house, flash-frozen at the butcher’s and pre-sorted by household. All you do is come pick it up. With enough subscribers, the farmer does not charge us a delivery fee, so you can leave that amount blank on your order form and just note that you are with the Rodgers Forge group. If you live outside RF, that’s totally fine as long as you are willing to come over once a month to collect your share.

The farmer has also told me about some of the special requests she honors: No pork? No lamb? Strictly Paleo? Running a large household and need some large cuts? She can do it! Renewing members get a discount, as well. 

Small tier – 8 lbs (3-4 lbs beef, remainder in pork and lamb), $76/mo: Total for 4 months = $304.00

Medium tier – 15 lbs (8lbs beef, remainder in pork and lamb), $135.00/mo: Total for 4 months= $540.00
Large- 22 lbs. ( 14 lbs beef, remainder in pork and lamb), $192.50/mo: Total for 4 months= $770.00

Egg Shares: 2 dozen per month $4.65/doz: Total for 4 months= $37.20  
3 dozen per month $4.35/doz: Total for 4 months= $52.20

For more information, go to or click here to go directly to the order form. The deadline to sign up is March 20.

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