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Sarbanes, Ruppersberger call out Jeff Sessions

Congressmen John Sarbanes and Dutch Ruppersberger, who both represent the Towson area in the U.S. House of Representatives, issued statements today regarding the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with Russia’s ambassador and did not disclose the meetings in his confirmation hearing.


Sarbanes said it appears that Sessions “lied under oath.”

“In so doing, Attorney General Sessions has effectively disqualified himself from serving as our nation’s top law enforcement officer and should resign,” Sarbanes said. “Importantly, this latest information adds to a long and growing list of reasons to appoint an independent commission to investigate the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

Ruppersberger did not call for Sessions’ resignation, but he did ask for a recusal.

“I am beyond disturbed by reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have lied under oath to Congress, failing to disclose his communications with the Russian Ambassador during the Trump campaign. At the very least, the Attorney General must recuse himself from any investigation into Russian interference with our elections and


communications with the Administration,” Ruppersberger said.

“This controversy once again underscores the need for a special and completely independent prosecutor to investigate any and all connections between the Trump Administration and the Kremlin. This includes obtaining a copy of the President’s tax returns. The President’s own son once said the family’s businesses ‘see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.’

Calls for the President to release his tax returns and disclose all ties to Russia are not going to stop. The American public deserves to know the extent of these dealings and if these connections could affect our national security. The President promised to release his tax returns after an audit concluded. I am calling on him to finally make good on that promise – put it out there if you have nothing to hide.”

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