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Power outage at Towson High School

UPDATE: The power is back on, according to a Towson High student. 

“Most kids were celebrating the power outage,” the student said in a text. “The entire school was in chaos with children in the cafeteria, gym, and auditorium.”

BGE spokesman Justin Mulcahy said crews working in the area this morning damaged a cable, which caused the outage at about 7:15. It was not known for whom the crews were working. Mulcahy said power was restored at 8:52. 

There is a power outage at Towson High School this morning. A representative of the school said all students are in “lit areas” and they are now waiting to hear if BCPS will close the school for the day or if they will stay put and wait for the power to come back on.

Towson High has been in the news recently because advocates are pushing for a new building for the school: It was originally built in 1949, then an addition was put on in 1965, and it was partially renovated in 1996 — although many say the renovation was not as successful as had been expected.

Parents and employees say that the heat and air conditioning must run at the same time to prevent mold; the water coming out of the taps is brown; and when there is heavy rain, the main level floods and waters rise above the electrical panels.

BCPS also projects that Towson High will be at 137 percent by 2021.

-Kris Henry


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This was so disappointing 🙁


They need to send us home it’s too hot in th building