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Speed bumps for Aigburth Road thanks in part to Towson High student

Councilman David Marks said on Monday:

“This morning, I recognized Kat Georgantas, a student at Towson High School, for helping with an effort to gather signatures in support of speed bumps along Aigburth Road. The project resulted from a public policy discussion at Towson High School last year. The speed bumps will be installed this spring.

Many thanks also to Paul Hartman and Michael Gallagher from Aigburth Manor who also worked on this effort!

I am pleased that both Towson and Perry Hall High Schools will soon benefit from new traffic calming measures.”


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Towson Flyer
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2 Comments on "Speed bumps for Aigburth Road thanks in part to Towson High student"

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What a load of crap. Put up some stop signs. They are much more effective, and a hell of a lot cheaper.

Sam C

No one stops at stop signs. I watch minivans and my middle-aged neighbors blow through them regularly on the corner near my house. Bumps are much more effective unless we position police officers at intersections across Towson.