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Bosley Mansion is back on the market

According to a Facebook post by the “Save the Bosley Mansion” group, Caves Valley has cancelled its contract to buy the Presbyterian Home of Maryland, also known as the Bosley Mansion.

“A new buyer has not been selected, but PHM has re-engaged previous bidders as well as their real estate brokerage company to find a buyer who will develop the property for residential use (including possibly assisted living),” the post said. “We are still working to finalize a date for the rescheduled Landmark Preservation Hearing. When the date is finalized we will let you know. We appreciate your support.”

Nearby residents have sought to give the mansion historic landmark status and it’s not yet clear how or if the Caves Valley news will impact that status.

Councilman David Marks said in a statement:

“Plans for an office complex are dead, and attention will turn to improving the site as a residential project. I informed representatives from the Presbyterian Home of Maryland that I supported the Southland Hills Improvement Association on their preference for a residential project.

My goal remains the same: a residential project that preserves the historic integrity of the mansion and as much of the green lawn as possible.”

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