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Media coverage of Starbucks drive-through protest

WBAL-TV covered the Starbucks drive-through protest on Friday afternoon (above), which drew people from Rodgers Forge, Anneslie, Idlewylde and Stoneleigh. And Rachael Pacella of The Towson Times has a well-researched piece on the Starbucks project that can be read here.

Photos from protest:

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There is also a meeting Monday, Dec. 12, about the Starbucks.

From Councilman David Marks:

“Earlier this year, Baltimore County approved permits for a Starbucks at the corner of Regester Avenue and York Road near Rodgers Forge. While many people enjoy Starbucks and are looking forward to this restaurant, there are concerns about the impact of the drive-thru on Regester Avenue, which many students use to walk to school.

The County Council had no involvement in the permitting, and the developer did not meet with the community until recently.

I have remained in close contact with the leaders of surrounding community, as well as the attorney for the developer of this property. I am pushing Starbucks for modifications that would address safety here, but am also looking to the future so we can ensure this part of southern Towson remains friendly to pedestrians and an inviting area for all Towsonites.

I will be holding a community meeting on Monday, December 12th at 6:15 p.m. at the Idlewylde Community Hall (6301 Sherwood Road) to talk about these efforts. Please feel free to attend to discuss the future of this section of southern Towson.”

Note that the time has been moved from 7:00 to 6:15. 
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I like the slogans “Lives Over Lattes” and “It’s a child, not a chai,” but this has to be the whitest protest ever.

Amy Miller

Seriously?? Why make a comment like that? This has absolutely nothing to do with race. The primary reason for the protest is that a drive-thru at this already very busy (and accident-prone) intersection is dangerous for the hundreds of children and other pedestrians that walk across this area. In short, – drive thru is an irresponsible choice for a pedestrian laden area that sits adjacent to residences and is a major vehicular thoroughfare which is already overloaded by cars at peak times.