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CSA-like service delivers fruits and veggies on the cheap

hungry harvestBy Dora Jacobs
For The Towson Flyer

My family is loving this new, local service so much we had to share! Our CSA deliveries are going to wrap up soon and just as I was wondering what to do about it, a friend shared this company with me.  After a few weeks of deliveries, I think it’s solid enough to recommend! buys discount produce that farmers overgrew or that doesn’t look aesthetically perfect, then they sell some and donate some. The quality has been excellent, the types of fruits and veggies are customizable, it’s delivered to your home weekly, it’s CHEAP, customer service is excellent, there’s no obligation, and it’s doing good for food-insecure families across the area while reducing waste.

13876552_1720651111528533_3434799070616573960_nWe can customize what comes in the box by selecting “always want” and “never want” items, but like a CSA, there are often surprises, too.  My children had never had fresh star fruit or artichokes before they arrived at our door along with some more traditional produce.  There is also a weekly summary of the food saved from waste (they hit 1 million pounds this week!), the pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables the company donates, and stories about how Hungry Harvest acquired the supply for that week.  It is fun and educational for us all. 

Even better: You can get 25 percent off your order if you say I referred you. Weekly deliveries start at $15, so you can check it out for almost nothing! I cannot be the only person who hates spending time shopping.  It’s an unusual concept, but has worked out very well for my family so far!

FAQ from

Q: Generally speaking, how do you work?

A: We source, recover, and deliver delicious boxes of produce to passionate customers on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. For every delivery we make, we donate 1-2 pounds of produce through one of our donation partners or through a free farmer’s market. We are on a mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger. Join us!

Q: What does “recovered produce” mean?

A: “Recovered” produce comprises fruits and vegetables that are perfectly fine to eat, but would normally get thrown away. Recovered produce is often discarded because of aesthetic imperfections (think misshapen eggplants or off-color apples) or logistical inefficiencies (when grocery stores over-order produce, they can reject truckloads, and that usually gets thrown away).

Q: What produce comes in a box? Can I personalize it?

A: We have a variety of boxes catered to fit your lifestyle. Our most popular option, the Mini Recovered Harvest provides approximately 5-7.5 lbs. of produce, including 1 leafy green, 3-4 types of vegetables and 2-3 types of fruit. It’s great for 1-2 people. You can personalize your box by letting us know what produce you love and what produce you can’t stand. Want to see more?

Q: Is the produce locally grown all year round?

A: We place a higher priority over recovering produce from going to waste than its origin. During the growing season (late spring through late fall) we source most of our produce from farmers within a 200-mile radius. This means that most of what we deliver comes from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. In the offseason, we expand our network to suppliers in warmer regions of the country such as Florida. 

Q: Is the produce organic?

A: We do currently offer an all-organic option! You can find our three organic options if you scroll down our homepage here. Our organic produce is not 100% recovered at the moment, but we’re working on it! Our recovered options are not organic but they are consciously sourced.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Absolutely! We don’t like contracts either. If you are not 110% satisfied, let us know by emailing us at! But we have a feeling you’ll want to stick around.

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