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Dallas Dance discusses new grading and heat-closure policies

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Bryan Nehman did an interesting interview with Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance this morning.

They first discussed the new grading policy, which says homework and behavior should not be part of a student’s letter grade. However, Dance said, “Right now this panel recommendation is not necessarily a requirement for our classrooms.” So I am actually more confused instead of more enlightened.

The new heat policy was the next topic. Dance made it clear he has no discretion when it comes to closing BCPS’ 34 non-air-conditioned schools when the forecast says the heat index will reach 90° the following day.

“There is no flexibility; we will close those schools,” Dance said.

But he also said, “I think it’s safe to say that we might have to make some adjustments to those 34 schools if [inaudible] over the next several days.” (If what he said is audible to you, let me know.)

You can hear the full seven-minute interview here.

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