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Communities say they need new school buildings, not renovations

dulaneyhsParents at several Baltimore County high schools are urging County Executive Kevin Kamentez to build new schools in their communities instead of spending money on renovations that don’t go far enough.

As Liz Bowie of The Baltimore Sun reports:

“They say the money officials plan to spend — estimated between $32 million and $45 million at each of the schools — will not be enough to turn 1960s-era buildings with sinking foundations, opaque windows and brown water into 21st-century facilities.

In the long run, they say, building new schools would be more cost-effective — and save students the difficulty of going to class in buildings undergoing renovations.” (Read the full article here.)

The story also quotes a cost of $100 million for one new high school. Is it just me, or does that seem really high? And is that because of arcane rules and relationships with “approved” contractors?

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