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School’s out options in Baltimore when you have to work

schools-out-day-camps-square-250Whether it’s teacher-training days, national holidays, or weather-related issues, sometimes schools are closed at the most inconvenient times. The following venues in the Baltimore and Towson area frequently have “school’s out” days where you can drop your kids if you need to head to the office — or just have a little peace and quiet.

“Kids use their imaginations while using a wide variety of materials, such as paints, wire, clays and more.  They explore artists, techniques, world cultures and more.”

Coppermine Fieldhouse
“Enjoy activities like sports, arts, creative movement, and playground time.”

Irvine Nature Center
“Don’t spend a day off school at home being bored! Instead, join the Irvine crew for special animal encounters, strolls through the woods, green games and environmentally friendly crafts.”

JCC of Greater Baltimore
“When the school day ends, when schools are closed, or through one of our many wonderful enrichment classes, the J’s K-5 programs champion the development of teamwork and engagement skills for your growing, maturing child.”

The Painting Workshop
“We believe, as Picasso says, that ‘everyone is an artist.’ Young or old, the art of creating is a joyous, exciting process, and we try to provide the room, space, and materials for that to happen. We encourage students to try new things, to be inspired by other artists, to find their voice.”

Rebounders Gymnastics
“Rebounders is a safe place for your child to participate in age appropriate gymnastics, special needs, fitness, home school, field trips, drop off programs as well as pre and competitive teams.”

“Tripster offers adventure programs at select locations throughout the region. When school is out, we’re creating adventures beyond the backyard!”

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-Kristine Henry
-Kristine Henry
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