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Pilot program would address “unruly” behavior in Towson rentals

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Councilman David Marks

Councilman David Marks has introduced legislation to create a pilot program to deal with problem tenants in the Towson area. It will be voted on at the January 19 County Council meeting.

He said in a statement:

“Over the past five years, our office has worked with community leaders and other stakeholders to deter and respond to bad behavior in areas where there is a high proportion of student renters.   I commend Towson University and Goucher College for their efforts.

“While we have made progress, more needs to be done.  There are many responsible landlords and renters, but in some Towson neighborhoods, there are too many episodes of unruly behavior that occur over and over in rented properties.  Over time, these incidents destabilize neighborhoods and impact the peace of mind of established property owners.

“In December, I introduced Bill 90-15, which would establish a pilot program to test the effectiveness of a social host ordinance.  The pilot program will cover an area east of York Road, north and west of Stevenson Lane, and south of Towsontown Boulevard and Hillen Road.   Under the pilot program, those involved in unruly incidents—and those who own property where these events occur—will first be warned, then fined.

“Bill 90-15 was drafted after close consultation with community and governmental stakeholders, particularly Paul Hartman, past president of the Greater Towson Council of Community Associations.  It is supported by Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger.”

The Baltimore Sun has a good story about the proposed pilot program.

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